About Us

The Smart Franchisee was started to help people realize their dreams of owning their own business. Our goal is to create as much transparency as possible between the franchisor and franchisees. The sales process is filled with a bunch of smoke and mirrors and lots of paperwork. We want to take away the sales pressure and give you real answers to real questions. No bull shit.

Our franchise journey was filled with a lot of applications, tons of emails, and none of our questions being answered. We spent months researching different franchise opportunities, visiting their headquarters, listening in on conference calls, creating spreadsheets, and talking to franchisees. Then finally one day we found the one! And boy did it work out! Three years later we are living a life we didn’t even know was possible. All thanks to the immense research we did.

We ask all the right questions to get you the best answers. We know making an educated decision is the difference between failing and succeeding. With some many Franchise’s out there which one do you choose? Listen and you will find “the one” too.

Franchisee to Franchisee. This is the difference. When you talk to someone from the sales department you are getting sold. How can you buy something from someone who hasn’t even run the business themselves. Unfortunately this is the process, this is why we interview franchisees to get their perspective on the business, in which, they have invested their time, energy, and money.